Parijat Patel

Hello everyone, my name is Parijat Patel. I have been into sports betting since the age of 14. Ever since I was a teenager, I helped my father on the farm, and in my free time, I often visited off-line bookmakers, where I bet on cricket. This hobby gradually began to become my main activity. For me, sports betting is not only a pleasant pastime but above all a dry calculation. Of course, there are always many elements of chance in sports, but being well versed in any sport and knowing all its pitfalls, as well as the characteristics of teams and their participants, you can always predict the outcome of a particular match with a greater degree of probability.
On this site I will share with you, dear readers, my experience and thoughts about the world of sports betting, and I will try to help you fall in love with this hobby as much as I do.