Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is an extremely difficult sport to understand with many nuances in the rules. It is popular in New Zealand, Australia, England, India, South Africa and some South Asian countries.

Although cricket is not widespread, the stakes are enormous. The reason is that cricket is the number one sport in India and therefore a large number of Indian sports fans bet on it. It should be remembered that India’s population has long since exceeded one billion people. Since there are few professional bettors in India, it can be said that there is a large mass of “amateur money” in betting. Russian cricket is little known to Russian gamblers, but there is every reason to believe that there is a lot of strong betting in their lineup.

A bit of history

Cricket is a very old game: competitions have been held in England since the mid-18th century, and the game, similar to cricket, dates back to the 13th century. The game spread mainly in the British colonies. 

Cricket was included in the program of the second Olympic Games (1900), but this was its only presence at the Olympics. In 2002, cricket was again included in the Olympic Games but was not allowed to participate. The reason is probably that cricket matches can last five days, which, given the short duration of the Olympics, makes the game unsuitable for this tournament. However, new rules have already been drawn up that limit the length of the game to 2.5 hours. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that cricket will return to the Olympic program for 2020.

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To win. Usually, bookmakers only accept bets on teams to win, but in cricket, a draw is also possible. There are two varieties of the draw: by score or by time. Almost all bookmakers do not bet on a draw and, when a draw occurs, they refund all players who bet on the win.

To win the tournament. Cricket tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so it is possible to analyze the teams and bet on this market.

For the best batsman/batsman. In cricket, it is rare for one player to be above all his teammates, so it is a very risky bet.

For the total points of the best player in the match. Betting on the performance of individual players.

Other bets. Bettors place bets on the total number of wickets or runs, the total number of runs of the first two batsmen of the team, it is also possible to bet on which team will score more runs or runs, etc. These types of bets should only be made after becoming familiar with the rules of cricket.


As already mentioned, cricket matches can last for days, so the physical endurance of your players is really important in these circumstances. The form of teams and individual players plays a very important role in cricket.

Cricket competitions have different formats. Each format has different rules in which teams perform with different success. One has to pay attention to this while analyzing. Also, you have to keep in mind that the results of national teams in home and away tournaments can be very different. It is one thing if India travels to play a match in neighboring Pakistan, where the climate is similar, albeit unfriendly, but if the match takes place in England, Indian players will certainly feel uncomfortable there.

The players’ fatigue from overseas matches, the weather conditions and the motivation of the teams must also be taken into account. In any case, you must first study well the rules of cricket and the rules for betting on cricket at bookmakers.

Features of betting

This is one of the few sports where professionals play live. The long stretch of matches allows you to make decisions at your leisure, but you have to be careful, as weather conditions can change several times during the match, causing the outcome to vary greatly.

Unexpected results often occur in cricket, so away companies are often undervalued. The best betting strategy in cricket is to bet on roughly equal opponents.

A big advantage for bettors is that cricket is not common in the United States, Korea and Japan, where there are many professional players. Cricket is usually bet on by ordinary cricket amateurs, who are far from making money from betting. This leads to big line runs where a lot of money can be won.